Training hub

Welcome to the training hub!

If you are new to programming (have been programming for less than 3 months let's say), then I'd recommend you start with the Starter Problems. These problems come with tutorials that will walk you through the problems.

If you are a bit more confident with programming, feel free to skip straight to trying the AIO problems. Some good problems to get your feet wet are listed below. You can find the rest of the AIO problems here.

Starter Problems

The problems in the starter set below are aimed at improving your coding and problem solving skills to the point where you can confidently tackle competitions like the Australian Informatics Olympiad (AIO).

Starter Problems

The tutorials below are designed to help you solve the problems in this set.

AIO problems to try

Try your hand at some simpler AIO problems to get familiar with the required format for reading input and writing output. If you're interested in preparing for the AIO, check out this page.

Introductory AIO problems I
Introductory AIO problems II
This set is locked. Check progressions to see if you can unlock it.

Advanced learning

Some additional algorithmic topics below

Technical details