Getting Started

Welcome to ORAC, an Australian training site for learning and practicing informatics. From coding newbie to seasoned hacker, there's something on this site for everyone.

I'm new to programming.

I want to know...

  • What language I should learn.
  • How to set up a coding environment.

Sound like you?

When you're ready, attempt the starter problems:

I'm new to informatics.

I already know...

  • How to write simple programs.
  • How to use if statements, for loops and while loops.

I want to know...

  • How to solve coding challenges.
  • Problem solving tips and tricks.
  • How to prepare for the AIO.

Sound like you?

What else can I do?

Once you have completed the above, the best thing you can do is solve more problems! Check out the "Problems" page to try lots of past informatics problems. Additionally, you can learn more about the Australian informatics program on the "Competitions" page.