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IOI 2021 was held online by Singapore from the 19th to the 25th of June. Congratulations to the Australian team for earning three bronze medals! The team placed 95th, 108th, 170th and 240th.

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Informatics Activities

The Australian Maths Trust (AMT) runs a number of activities aimed at high school students for enrichment and competition in computer programming and algorithm design. The pinnacle of these activities is sending a team of four overseas each year to represent Australia at the International Olympiad in Informatics.

Open Events

The following events are open to all interested high school students.

Activity When What
Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition (CAT) March A one-hour multiple-choice / short-answer competition.

No computer or programming skills are required. The CAT focuses on the problem-solving skills behind algorithm design.
Oxford University Computing Challenge (OUCC) May A two-round online competition held in term 2. The first round (5 May) is open to all students in years 5–12 and the second round (12 May) is invitational for the top 20 students in each division from the first round.

The OUCC builds on the principles used in the CAT competition and helps students develop their skills further to produce programmed solutions to computational thinking problems. Questions are solved using the Blockly programming language, as well the programming languages available to students in their schools for secondary levels.
Australian Informatics Olympiad (AIO) August A three-hour programming competition.

You are given three problems to solve, and you submit your source code for each in C, C++, C#, Pascal, PHP, Python or Java.

You can see and submit code to past problems on the online training site.

Invitational Events

The following events are invitation-only.

Activity When What
School of Excellence December An intense 10-day training school at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Based on the AIO results, we invite approximately 25 students. We learn a lot of new material in algorithm design, do a lot of programming in the computer labs, and begin the process of training and selecting a team for the IOI.
Australian Invitational Informatics Olympiad (AIIO) February A competition held online for invited students (typically attendees from the School of Excellence). This is the first contest that forms part of Australia's formal IOI team selection process.
French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad (FARIO) March An annual competition held between French and Australian students over the internet. This is a fun competition between the two countries, and (like the AIIO) also forms part of Australia's IOI team selection process.
Team Selection School April A second 10-day training school at Macquarie University in Sydney. Based on the AIIO and FARIO results, we invite approximately 15 students. The school culminates with the final Australian Team Selection Exams and the announcement of the four students who will form Australia's team for the International Olympiad in Informatics.
International Olympiad in Informatics July/August The pinnacle of competition in computer science for high school students around the world. Each country sends a team of four students to participate in ten hours of competition.

The Australian team selection process begins at the School of Excellence in December, and the final team is chosen in April.

The Australian Mathematics Trust also has more general information about informatics activities on its website. A good place to start is the AMT Computational Thinking page.